How to make rice in a rice cooker – Perfect way 2020

How to make rice in a rice cooker

This is the simple way how to make rice in a rice cooker because cooker is a very handy kitchen gadget.

It makes cooking very easy and simple. It’s important to know that how to make rice in a rice cooker because rice cooker pressure and temperature should be in your control you must keep eyes on it otherwise it can be harmful to you.

The rice cooker which do you use first read the all instructions given by the company because these instructions were made by the experts it will help you later and will bring the best results all time.

To your ease, we defined step by step how to make rice in a rice cooker read the complete guide we hope you will find your answer.

What you need to make rice in a rice cooker

There is some essential equipment to use your rice cooker.



Rice Cooker

Rice Paddle

Measuring Cup

How to make rice in a rice cooker method

Measure your rice and put it in a container

Rinse the rice in water

Transfer the rice into the cooker pan use napkin to easier.

Add water in the cooker pan.

Place the pan inside the cooker optionally here you can use spices or oil.

Now turn on the rice cooker and make sure the cooker light indicates that it’s on.

The cooker will notify you after finished cooking you can wait for 10 to 15 minutes to prevent warm rice.

Your rice is to serve.

How long to cook rice in the rice cooker

Time depends on the variety of rice and quantity of required amount of cooking and also water requirement. But you don’t need to worry about cooking time because you are using a rice cooker and rice cooker can turn off automatically once rice cooking has finished. Although the average rice cooker takes 20 to 25 minutes to cook completely the rice.

Rice to water ratio rice cooker

Water ratio in rice cookers may vary with a different type of rice almost all white rice is cook on the same water quantity except brown rice. Brown rice to water ratio rice cooker can be different you can see the difference here. 

Long grain one third cup

Medium grain one and half cup

Short grain one and half cup

Basmati rice one and half cup

Jasmine rice one and half cup

Quinoa approximately 2 cups

We talking about rice cooking in the cooker two of the most related and famous rice are Basmati rice

And jasmine rice. Here we defined both methods to complete the article because we love to make our users happy and completely informed.

Basmati Rice

How to make rice in a rice cooker

It is commonly asked the question how to cook basmati rice in a rice cooker here is the answer. Basmati rice is very tasty and healthy grain it has lots of health benefits it is low in fat doesn’t contain cholesterol this is the best food for those who want to lose body fat. It has low sodium and low sugar it’s the ideal food for blood pressure and diabetes patients it is also a good source of protein and carbohydrates people use it to muscle building.

1 cup Basmati rice contains almost 190 Calories. With the breakdown of nutrition benefit

Carbs 40g 43%

Fat 1g 5%

Protein 6g 12%

Jasmine Rice

How to make rice in a rice cooker

Before we explain how to cook jasmine rice in a rice cooker let us tell you some facts about jasmine rice. It is also tasty and healthy as basmati rice it belongs to Thailand in the Thai language it’s called (Thai Hom Mali) Southeast Asian countries commonly use it to cook. This is a long grain and a soft sticky texture in cooking and thicker than basmati rice. It’s better than white rice its rich fiber and nutrition benefits. Jasmine rice nutrition of one cup contains 205 calories with macros breakdown.

Carbs 45g 92%

Fat 0%

Protein 4g 8%

Cooking Method – How to make rice in a rice cooker

Now here the step-by-step guides How to cook Basmati Rice in a rice cooker and how to cook Jasmine rice in a rice cooker. 

Take the required amount of rice and add to the cooker and rinse it with clean water.

Now add water according to the rice amount and maintained this rice to water ratio you can use a measuring cup to avoid any problem.

If you want to sticker your rice you have to soak your rice 10 to 15 minutes but it can increase your cooking time.

Now you have to add some spices and to enhance the flavor.

Now leave it for 10 to 15 minutes to cook perfectly.

Here is your rice ready to serve. Enjoy the party    

With these rice you can enjoy baked boneless chicken you will enjoy this combination. thanks for reading the article kindly give us feedback on how to do you like information your comments will be acknowledged.


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