Proven Difference Between Ice Cream And Gelato – 2020 Guide

difference between gelato and ice cream
Italian gelato

Its not easy to tell difference between ice cream and gelato because both are creamy and frozen desserts and made with dairy products and sugar. Some people thinks that gelato is a fancier name of ice cream but they both are different desserts.

ice cream belongs to china ice cream was the favorite desserts of Chinese King Tang of Shang the compound of ice, flour, and milk used to serve the king. but later fruits juices and honey served with mountain snow.

before the 19th-century ice cream was not a popular dessert but after the technology cycle in the industry of freezing ways enabled manufactures to produce ice cream on a massive scale and spread on a national level.

Now we talk about Gelato definition Gelato has some confusion about its origination some people believe that it was first made in Italy some believe it made in Sicily and some think that it belongs to Florence.

As we mentiond above Gelato is Italian dessert but its demand icreansing in us. its hitting an estimted sales $214 million in 2014 an $11 million from 2009.

Ice cream is low creamy and smoother then Gelato its rich fully with cream and more smoother, silkier and denser.

How Ice Cream Made

Difference Between Ice Cream And Gelato
Gelato vs ice cream

Ice cream is fuzzy and full of solidly frozen dairy dessert we require some basic dairy ingredients to make ice creams like Milk, Cream, Sugar, and Egg yolks.

The preparation of ice cream is very simple and easy to first blend well all dairy ingredients milk and cream both with sugar blended and dried into a creamy custard. To increased its volume let custard-based cooled and stirred at a high speed to combine air.

How To Make Gelato Ice Cream Recipe

Italian gelato
Italian Gelato

The Italian gelato ice cream recipe is fully rich with milk and a low proportion of cream and eggs but some people don’t like to add eggs.

The preparation method of Italian gelato is the same as the ice cream method although here are some little differences that it’s fermented at a slower pace including more limited air and leaving the gelato denser than ice cream.

Texture And Flavor

Gelato contains low fat as compared to ice cream because ice cream contains butterfat usually between 14 to 25 percent. and when we talk about air so gelato less air then ice cream it helps keep creamy and dense.

These densest make gelato much flavor than ice cream. if someone likes ice cream it has a limited option to go with but when someone chooses gelato here is a lot of some new and delicious flavor that he/she never tastes.

Usually, people like to have vanilla or coffee ice cream and they missed some other flavors. but when someone chooses a gelato he/she can go with lots of options like pistachio, tiramisu, stracciatella, vanilla, hazelnut, and chocolate flavors.


Gelato usually served about 10-15 F and its warmer then ice cream so your mouth less numb as it is when eating an ice cream your tongue is better able to taste.

Serving Style

Italian Gelato served with a spade meanwhile ice cream served with rounded scooped.

Nutrition Facts

Ice cream derived 10% of its calories from dairy products fat and Gelato includes 4-9% of its calories from fat.

According to The Food and Drug Administration (FDA), Italian Gelato (88 grams) contains about 160 calories and 17 grams of sugar when an equal serving of Ice cream (78-gram) serving of ice cream can contain 210 calories and 16 total grams of sugar.

Which is better Ice cream vs Gelato vs. Ice Cream

Gelato vs. Ice Cream
Gelato vs. Ice Cream

The main difference between ice cream and gelato they both similar in appearance, ingredients and speed of churned and the they take to make.

Well, both desserts are tasty you can have both on any special occasion because they both contain a high amount of calories and too many calories can increase the risk of developing health issues like diabetes, heart problems, obesity and etc.

Here are some important related question will help you to know more about Italian Gelato.

Gelato ice cream near me – Where to buy?

You can search gelato ice cream near me on google to buy this dessert or can visit Yelp to find location.

Gelato ice cream brands

  • Alphonso Mango Sorbetto
  • Banana Caramel Crunch
  • Belgian Chocolate Gelato
  • Caribbean Coconut Gelato
  • Caramel Apple Pie Gelato
  • Caramel Cookie Crunch Gelato
  • Black Raspberry Chocolate Chip Gelato.

Is Gelato healthier than ice cream?

Is gelato healthier than ice cream, is gelato healthier than frozen yogurt, gelato vs ice cream vs custard these are very common questions that people ask?

As we mentioned above that both are high volume in calories you should not take it on daily basis but once a while, in a week you can enjoy both.

Difference between Gelato and ice cream and sorbet

Ice Cream and Italian Gelato is made by dairy products such as milk, cream, and sugar. Meanwhile, Sorbet is a frozen dessert it needs to prepare juices, lemon juices, syrups or inquire and etc.

Final words

We hope our efforts surely help to better understanding about Difference Between Ice Cream And Gelato. you can check out our more recipes and articles. Kindly comment and tell us about our content your feedback will be appreciated.


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